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Refrigerated Asian Produce
Dry Asian Snacks & Drinks
With 2 other distribution centers that act as destination agents for Korean exports to
the US East Coast, CMC Logistics became most recently the third Certified Distribution
Center for Korean Agricultural and Fisheries Exports to the US East Coast.
Any Agricultural and Fisheries product that gets exported from Korea to the East Coast now arrives at CMC Logistics, or the other 2 distribution centers.
By successfully fulfilling the requirements by the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation, we handle every aspect of the supply chain management process starting from the moment the container docks at the Port. 
With the main product being Korean Pear, by NongHyup, we also handle many different Refrigerated Asian Produce, as well as Asian Snacks & Drinks.
The full range of services that we provide includes:
  • Port drayage
  • Port to warehouse trucking
  • Full warehousing service - reefer
  • Case pick and packing
  • Distribution from warehouse to final customer
Frozen Asian Bakery
Frozen Asian Food Products
This client is a Korean western-style food and foodservice company offering catering services. We are responsible for Tous Les Jours East Coast chains, which is an Asian bakery serving a selection of bakery goods and beverages, currently owned by CJ Foodville (CJFV). 
With growing demand for their bakery products, more franchises were opening as well as development of new products (500+ SKUs). CJFV was in search of a 3PL provider that would be able to handle the expansion of their business, as well as streamline the logistics process.
Due to the nature of their product, there were some challenges such as mixed pallets, small UOMs, and pick & packing. However, by utilizing the WMS as the main platform for all of our warehousing operations, we were able to systematically streamline the whole process, eliminating the posed challenges.
We currently provide CJFV with a Full Service Warehousing, for both frozen and reefer storage, which includes:
  • Unloading and quality inspection
  • Repalletization to make one item per pallet
  • Locating
  • Custom pick packing according to different item UOMs
  • Loading
  • Inventory management

PoP Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Asian Rice Roll Snack
This client is a large wholesaler of Korean Crunchy Rice Roll Snack in Korea.
With the increase in Korean consumers in the United States, our client exports and distributes their products to major US retailers and supermarkets. 
By using CMC Logistics as their primary source of logistics solution, our client is able to focus more on their business while we execute all of their logistics needs from start to finish.
Our services involve:
  • Port drayage
  • Port to warehouse trucking
  • Full warehouse service - dry
  • Case pick and packing
  • Distribution to final customer
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